Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make the switch to your service?
It’s simple! Go to and choose the plan that fits your lifestyle. The SIM chip will be at your door in just a few days. Add the chip to your phone and you’re ready to go!

How do I qualify for the Senior Plan?
You must be 60 years old or older to qualify for the Senior Plan.

Do you have a store?
In order to keep our pricing as low as possible, we only sell our service plans on our website at This way, we avoid paying the middleman as well as the retail markups associated with traditional brick and mortar locations. Simply look through our plans to find one that fits your lifestyle and we will ship a new SIM chip to you for free – all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

How can I talk to someone if I need help?
Need assistance? No problem! We are available to answer any questions via the “Live Chat” feature right on our website. You can also make an appointment to speak to a customer service representative without having to wait on hold! Just click “Service Call Setup” at the top of the page.

How do I get a phone plan for my parents?
First, check that their phone is unlocked and that we have great service in their area. To do this, read the answers to the two questions that follow this one. Go to and find a plan that makes sense for your parents. Make sure to use their mailing address when checking out. They’ll receive a new SIM chip(s) in a day or two. Once they plug the SIM chip into their phone, they can dial any number to complete the service setup.

How do I find out if my phone is unlocked and can be used with your service?
Our service plans work on any unlocked device. To find out if your phone is unlocked, dial *#06# and the IMEI number will show up on the screen. Click on the “Live Chat” feature on our website and send us your IMEI number. We’ll tell you if your phone is free to go to a new carrier.

Will your service work in my area?
To see if we serve your area, go to Add your zip code where you live and work, and we’ll let you know how the coverage is there. If you have any doubts, our 7-day money-back guarantee means you can test it out before committing to it for the month! And you can cancel anytime since we have no contracts.

Can I buy a service plan and a phone through you?
Yes, in fact, if you buy them together, the SIM will already be inside the phone and ready to use. To start service, all you’ll need to do is dial any number and our automated service will walk you through the easy 2-minute setup.

Can I get just a phone without using your service?
Yes, our phones are sold unlocked so you can use any phone service you want.

How do I set up automatic payments?
Simply go to our home screen and click “Refill” at the top of the page, or click here. Type in your phone number and manage your account from there.

Can I keep my existing phone number? 
Yes! As long as the number is active and you know your account information, we can easily switch your number to our service. You’ll need the name on the account, the account number, and any PIN or password associated with the account.

Whose towers do you use?
We operate on the T-Mobile network, nationwide.

How do I add a SIM chip to my phone?
It depends on the phone you have. Go to a search engine like and ask the internet how to change a SIM in your type of phone (be specific and clarify what kind of phone you have). The results will show you where the SIM sits within the phone and how to access it. In our SIM kit, we send you a micro, mini, and nano chip to make sure you have the size you need for your device.

How do I activate my plan?
After your North America Mobile SIM chip is installed (which it already is if you bought the phone from us), dial any number. Our automated activation service will walk you through the steps to activate your service.

Can I keep my phone?
Yes! Well, possibly. In order to switch your phone service provider, your phone needs to be allowed to leave the current service you are using. Sometimes companies make you sign a contract so your phone stays “locked” to them for a certain amount of time (we never do this, by the way). To see if your phone is unlocked, dial *#06# and the IMEI number will show up on your screen. Click on the “Live Chat” feature on our website and send us your IMEI number. We’ll tell you if your phone is unlocked and free to go to a new carrier.

Can I get unlimited data?
All of our plans come with unlimited talk and text, however, we don’t offer unlimited data. This is because most people don’t actually need unlimited data if they have internet service at home. You only use cellular data when your phone or tablet is not connected to a wifi network. Because of this, most people only use 3 or 4 GB of data per month.

How do I find out which data plan works for me?
Look at your current bill or call your phone company to find out how many gigabits (GB) of data you currently use. You can increase your data anytime, so feel free to test out smaller packages first. If you use your phone in the traditional sense (using it only for calls and texts), we recommend the Senior Plan. It gives you unlimited talk and text, as well as just enough data to send and receive pictures, so you’re only paying for what you actually use!

Do you offer 5G?
As long as you have a 5G device and there’s a 5G tower in your area, we can give you 5G! We will be releasing a map soon so you can find out which areas are already getting 5G service.

Do you have flip phones?
Yes, we have flip phones! They come with an SOS button to give you quick access to emergency services. Go to the phone section at to shop.